Past events

Cairo Art Book Fair

Find The Road to Nowhere Volume 3 at the Cairo Art Book Fair.

7th, 8th, and 9th December, Cairo

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Develop talk: Curating missing stories

Join this in-person talk with Dalia and Moulaye to learn more about a more inclusive, decolonial approach to curating photography.

A decolonial approach addresses what is left out of this history and develops strategies to amplify forgotten or untold stories such as those of the diaspora or of migrants.

6:30 - 7:30, 16 Nov, The Photographer's Gallery, London


TRTN Presents: Crossing seas in search of identity

Founder Dalia Al-Dujaili curates a season of talks and a workshop exploring and decolonising our relationship to water. With Sabrina Mahfouz, Tamara Al-Mashouk, Ali Ghaderi, Amanni Hollands and Nina Manandhar.

6th Oct-3rd Nov, London

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The road to Nowhere x Refuge worldwide

A community zine workshop, pop-up exhibition and party with Refuge Worldwide at Oona Bar in Berlin celebrating the launch of The Road to Nowhere Vol. 3. Featuring DJ's Moneyama, Abiba, Dynoman and Jinisjuicy.

23rd September, 1-8pm, Berlin

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