Celebrating the impact of migration on culture

The Road to Nowhere is a print magazine and creative agency showcasing new writing, art, photography and creativity about migration and diaspora. It celebrates the impact of migration on culture through creativity and scrutinises what identity really constitutes. 

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Why do we exist

We aim to celebrate the impact of diasporic creatives on the evolution of culture. Without migration, contemporary culture as we know it would not exist. Creatives from the diaspora – migrants and their children – are the key to the propulsion of culture. We aim to showcase how vital voices from various diasporic communities are in shaping cultural production, from food to sport, from music to film, from brands to literature, from photography to fashion and beyond.  

Diaspora creatives have the superpowers of pluralism, with various cultures, languages, traditions and decades of ancestral knowledge at their disposal. We know how to code switch, we understand the subtleties of time and place better than the rest, we move between languages and customs as fluidly as water, we can tap into networks and communities that intersect the homeland with our locales. The diaspora is the key to unlocking the future potential of culture. 

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What do we do

As well as our annual magazine, we partner with institutions and organisations, producing public arts programmes centring the immigrant and diaspora experience, we host panel talks and film screenings, we work with diaspora creatives on content, create networking spaces and more.

Our clients include The Photographer's Gallery, The National Maritime Museum, the Barbican, Refuge Worldwide, Bow Arts and others.

We've worked in London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Cairo, and our work has been featured in Dazed, GQ Middle East, Port, It's Nice That, among others.

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